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About Blake McCoy

Blake McCoy has established a career as a skilled broadcast journalist. Blake has anchored top-rated newscasts in Washington, DC, Minneapolis, Las Vegas and Boise, ID. As a recognizable face delivering news to those communites, Blake McCoy has looked for ways to give back and highlight important causes. Blake also spent several years as a Correspondent for NBC News, traveling the country reporting for Nightly News, TODAY, and MSNBC.

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Dining Out For Life 2015 Blake Mccoy

Alongside his professional career, Blake McCoy is focused on giving back and supporting his community. He is involved with multiple charities and organizations, both as a volunteer and donor. Blake has co-hosted the annual Susan G. Komen Twin Cities Race for the Cure, a Mother’s Day event that raises millions for breast cancer awareness and research and draws more than 50,000 people. 

Blake McCoy was also Ambassador for Dining Out For Life Minnesota, an annual event that partners with local restaurants to raise money for HIV/AIDS resources. In his role as Ambassador, Blake leveraged his position at KARE 11 to generate excitement and raise awareness. On the day of the event, Blake visited as many restaurants as possible to thank the owners, greet diners, and take photographs which were then used to promote the local restaurants. A symbiotic boost to everyone involved and an annual event that helped forge new ties within the community.

Throughout his career, Blake McCoy has tapped personal connections to help inform and direct his giving. A former colleague and co-anchor, Shawn Yancy, created Girls’ Night Out by Shawn Yancy in 2010 as a way to promote charities that benefit the wellbeing of women and children in the Washington, DC region. In 2019, she officially registered Girls’ Night Out by Shawn Yancy as a nonprofit organization and established its mission to transform the futures of underserved women and children by empowering their lives. Blake McCoy is a supporter and annual donor of this great community project from his former colleague.

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Race For The Cure 2015
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Dining Out For Life 2015 Blake McCoy