Individuals with visual impairments play an essential role in the federal government’s operations. Since 2010, the nonprofit National Industries for the Blind has partnered with contractors to provide employees with job opportunities in support of the government.

Government workers can focus on their core duties through the CMS program, which provides job opportunities to individuals with visual impairments.

Who Are They?

The leadership team of NIB is composed of individuals with extensive experience in various fields such as government procurement, corporate, and nonprofit organizations. They are passionate about helping individuals with visual impairments achieve personal and economic independence.

Through its network of partners, the National Institute for the Blind (NIB) is the country’s largest employer of people with visual impairments. We create job opportunities for individuals with visual impairments to become more engaged in their communities and contribute to the government.

NIB connects government agencies and commercial companies through its partners with the necessary manufacturing and service delivery solutions. It’s a win-win situation for both the parties: the government and the individuals with visual impairments. In addition to providing job opportunities, NIB also offers training programs that help people with visual impairments gain the skills they need to succeed in their careers.

Values and Mission

The goal of NIB is to provide job opportunities to people with visual impairments. It’s also dedicated to improving the economic independence of these individuals.


A study conducted in 2022 revealed that many people with visual impairments experienced issues when hiring and onboarding new employees.

The study revealed that 33 percent of the individuals with visual impairments who were required to take an aptitude test or screening experienced issues during the hiring process. Moreover, 59 percent of people with visual impairments experienced problems completing their onboarding forms on paper. Lastly, 25 percent of the individuals with visual impairments could not fully access the training they needed to succeed in their jobs.


Last year, NIB created over 270 new job opportunities for individuals with visual impairments. It also paid over $119 million in wages and benefits to its employees who are blind. It additionally provided rehabilitation services to over 63,000 individuals with visual impairments.