There are hundreds of nonprofits and charities out there that strive to make a difference in the world. It is far too easy to miss out on the important ones out there. This charity spotlight hopes to help raise awareness for these causes.

Today’s cause is Susan G. Komen Twin Cities Race for the Cure®. The Race for the Cure is a highly successful fundraising event run by Susan G. Komen to raise funds and awareness for breast cancer. 

What It Is

As the name likely implies, Susan G. Komen Twin Cities Race for the Cure® is a marathon fundraiser. Participants can sign up to run or walk the marathon while having friends and family sponsor their efforts. All money earned through these sponsorships goes directly towards the Susan G. Komen fun. 

The Twin Cities event will be offering many different ways to participate and help. As mentioned above, people can either join in on a race or walk (virtual options are available). There are different distances available as well – from 1k to 5k. Alternatively, participants can choose to Sleep In for The Cure®.

How It Helps

There are two main goals with fundraising events such as this. First, the hope is to raise more money to research treatments, preventions, and cures for breast cancer. Susan G. Komen is one of the leading supporters of this initiative and has come up with many different fundraising opportunities to support its goals.

Second, Race for the Cure® helps raise awareness – both for breast cancer (the risks, symptoms, and more) and the fundraising efforts already in place. Events such as these open up critical opportunities for communication, as simply understanding the basics of breast cancer can help save a life.

When And Where

Susan G. Komen Twin Cities Race for the Cure® is starting this Mother’s Day – May 10th and will run until June 10th. Those interested in helping out or participating do not need to be local, as it is a virtual event. This means that anyone can participate, as long as they believe they can complete one of the challenges within the one-month timeframe.